Welcome to Steel & Ice!

Hi everyone! Welcome to Steel & Ice, a new section of Brown Eyed Baker where I’m going to be dishing about sports, mostly hockey and football, and mostly with a Black and Gold spin ;-) This is an offshoot of The Weekend Dish, the series that appears on Saturdays with a recap of the week’s recipes, links to other food blogs, and some random musings. That will continue to be posted on the main page every Saturday, but the last section of it (where I ramble about life and sports) will be omitted and instead I’ll be chatting about sports over here :)

Some of what I ramble about on The Weekend Dish has to do with random everyday life stuff. I really enjoyed and looked forward to writing about that too, so I’ve created another offshoot of Brown Eyed Baker where I’ll be chatting about life, books, movies, travels, my dog, etc. Head on over to Unplugged (freshly launched today as well) to get the details!

I’m excited to have a place to unload all of my sports-related thoughts, and hope you’ll enjoy reading and interacting!

I have to give a shout out to my Pittsburgh pal, Allison. She’s also a big sports fan, and when I first started kicking around the idea of adding a sports section to my site I told her I couldn’t think of a name for it. She was the one who threw out “Steel & Ice” in an email to me and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s a perfect depiction of my love of sports. Thank you Allison, you rock!

The Grand Tour

Now, let me show you around the new digs…

About page: A little background on how my sports obsession began. (Accessible from top navigation bar.)

Archives: Posts will be accessible here by both category and month/year. (Accessible from top navigation bar.)

Game Photos: I separated the categories into football and hockey; you can click on either to view thumbnails of different games and events that I’ve attended. Roll over the thumbnail to view the full event description and date. Click on the thumbnail to view a slideshow of all the pictures. They are in order from most recent to oldest.  (Accessible from top navigation bar.)

Blogroll: The sports blogs that I read most often. (Located in the footer.)

As with all new site roll outs, there are bound to be a couple hiccups or missing links. I have double and triple-checked everything, but if you come across a broken link or something that doesn’t look right, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email to let me know!


Now, if you currently subscribe to Brown Eyed Baker by either RSS feed or email, you will NOT automatically receive updates to Steel & Ice. I created a separate RSS feed so you can choose whether or not to receive updates (and I hope if you like sports you’ll want to hang out with me here!). I’ve also created an option where you can subscribe to all three (Food, Unplugged and Steel & Ice) feeds. Choose the subscription option below that best suits your needs:

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