It Was a Great Night For Hockey

“It’s a Great Day for Hockey” was the signature phrase used by former (and late) Pens’ coach Bob Johnson (Badger Bob), who coached the team to its first Stanley Cup in 1991. It’s one of my favorite phrases ever. The Pens used it as the basis for their marketing campaign during the 2008-09 season. If I were the director of marketing, I would just keep that campaign indefinitely. Walking into the arena last night, I told my mom I wanted to buy something at some point with that phrase on it. Fast forward about 5 minutes and as we entered the game, we were handed giveaway scarves. Giveaway scarves that had “Great Day for Hockey” on them. It was a sign. It was definitely going to be a great night for hockey.

When writing my About page here on Steel & Ice I mentioned that hockey was a pretty big part of my upbringing, and that we attended a lot of games as a family. My mom hadn’t been to a game since before my dad passed away and I knew she would like to see the new arena, so I got tickets at the beginning of the season for last night’s game and told her I was taking her. Here we are at our seats…

So, her first hockey game in approximately 15 years and the Pens win PLUS Sid got his first natural hat trick. She should play the lottery. Or go to more Pens’ games.

I celebrated the hat trick during the second intermission with a Tim Horton’s hot chocolate (while wearing my snazzy new scarf, thankyouverymuch).

Speaking of Sid’s hat trick, I got goosebumps. Seriously. Does that make me weird? Probably a little. He also had a hat trick last Saturday afternoon. Back-to-back home game hat tricks. Unreal. He’s leading the league in points and is tied for the lead in goals scored. He’s playing absolutely, 100%, out of his mind. I got to see a Sid hat trick Thanksgiving weekend two years ago against the Devils. Seeing those hats litter the ice never, ever gets old.

Not sure what the heck is going on with Malkin. Watching in person, he seemed unusually slow. Don’t know if he’s hurt or has lost a gear. It was actually kind of bizarre.

Also, the third line positively rocks.

Lastly, is there a countdown for Staal’s return yet? Would love to go to the first home game he’s back.

You can go here to view a slideshow of all of my photos from the game.

And because I can’t exactly let go of the whole “It’s a Great Day for Hockey” thing… These commercials from the 2008-09 season still give me chills, so I had to share at least one. It’s a Great Day for Hockey, indeed.

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