No Means No(se)

The Baltimore fans busted into a “No Means No” chant during Sunday night’s game. Baltimore is uber original. And then the Ravens proceeded to break Ben Roethlisberg’s nose. NBC helped us to confirm that the nose was broken with a closeup of how blatantly crooked it was. They then proceeded to have a Jay’s Telestrator moment and actually drew on the screen, highlighting where the nose bent. Thank you Al and Chris.

Now please tell me I am not the only person in Pittsburgh who laughed. Well, first I cringed at the close-up of the mangled nose, but then? Oh did I laugh. I also laughed when Richard Seymour gave Ben a shot to the chops during the Oakland game. See, I love the Steelers. I love the team. I love what it represents in this city. But Ben? Nine months of time since the Georgia incident has passed and I still wish he would have been traded. So I cheer for my team in spite of him. And I hope that they are able to win while simultaneously hoping he has a bad game. And when he gets knocked around, it makes me happy. Karma.

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