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I’ve been blogging since 2007 about everything and anything food. However, second to my love of food (and sometimes superseding it), is my love of sports, especially hockey and football. I started a Saturday series on Brown Eyed Baker where I would ramble on about sports and other things, but I found myself wishing I could update it much more frequently than only once a week. So, I figured why not add another blog so I could do just that! If you’re interested in other non-food and non-sports, everyday life type of stuff, check out the Unplugged section of the site. Here though, it’s sports…

Hockey is absolutely my first love. My dad played ice hockey in a men’s league and loved everything about the game, and it didn’t take long for me to get infected with hockey fever at a young age. We were lucky in that my dad’s boss had Penguins season tickets, and routinely gave them to my dad for us to use, so we were able to attend games on at least a monthly basis. For my 8th birthday, when most little girls want all things Barbie or My Little Pony, I had a hockey player on my birthday cake. I would routinely drag my dad’s bag of hockey equipment out, put on the shin pads, gloves and helmet and push a street hockey ball around with my own stick (with a bright pink blade – I wasn’t a TOTAL tomboy!). I would sit in class in elementary school and instead of doodling randomly in a notebook, I would write down the entire Penguins’ roster – all of the names and all of the numbers. I knew them by heart. I was a hockey player one year for Halloween. I often told my parents that I was going to be the first girl hockey player ever. (Unfortunately, back then there really weren’t hockey leagues for little girls.) Fast forward all these years later, and it’s still my first love when it comes to sports. I watch every game possible and have an insane amount of respect for the athleticism and grit that hockey players display. LET’S GO PENS!

You certainly can’t grow up in Pittsburgh and not be a die-hard Steelers fan. While I definitely grew up in a hockey house, I started to get into football during high school, and love waving my Terrible Towel. Football transcends sports when you’re from western Pennsylvania; cheering on the Steelers is synonymous with identifying yourself as a Pittsburgher. It’s a way of life. And I absolutely love it. I also love playing fantasy football; it’s totally addicting! And it feeds my competitive side. Next year: fantasy hockey. Look out!

Aside from hockey and football, I really enjoy most sports. I listen to sports talk radio. I watch sports shows like PTI and Outside the Lines. I’ll watch most any sporting event. And I like talking about them. So here I am!

Game Photos

I love attending all kinds of sporting events (I even branched out to golf and went to the Women’s U.S. Open this summer!), most of all live hockey. Big surprise ;-) I’ve included pictures of events and games that I’ve attended in the last few years. I separated them into football and hockey. Click on the thumbnail to view a slideshow of all the pictures. Roll over the thumbnail to view the full event description and date. They are in order from most recent to oldest. Enjoy the pics!

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